Angels and our intuition work hand in hand. We all posses this super power called INTUITION. Intuition is a natural skill, similar to our ability to breathe ,Speak or see. This age old Myth is Scientifically proven fact.

Intuitive people tend to read between the lines ,look for signs and heed their inner signals when making decisions. Those who are sensory use their heads more than their hearts and they focus upon facts figures and what they can tangibly measure and define. In other words naturally intuitive people are more "inner focused" on their own impressions and feelings. Yet after teaching psychic -development classes to thousands of people-men and women ,young or old worldwide since 2001 ,I (Manishaa.N.Batraa)firmly believe that intuition is an innate faculty anyone can develop. We all have the capacity for intuition and some have already practiced it to different levels.

Tarot cards or Any angel Tarot cards are best worked with on an intuitive basis and this is how the angels taught me to work with their oracle cards!!

Now the question arises how is numerology connected with the tarot ..?*

Basically what is Numerology - A science of numbers used to determine the trend of your life and predict your future. In numerology,There is a number value assigned to each alphabet and same way every card of our tarot has been given a specific number!! These numbers say it all when we read the cards! We connect our angels with the numbers which on itself denote a particular planet. So d tarot figures, the colors on it and the number over it let u give a wide study of the concerned persons life very deeply and I must not forget to say very accurately! Feel the essence of a world which is filled with so many extraordinary studies to get not just a glimpse but a wide aspect of ones life or something beyond life

The Workshop includes:

  • Cards study in context to The NUMEROLOGY
  • Color Coding with the cards.
  • How each number connects with each card.
  • Meditation with the cards for utmost effective results.
  • Basic number study to help you read angelic messages cards have to offer.


Ever since the day I held my first Tarot deck as a teenager, it has been a constant Spiritual companion. It has supported me in living my dreams and purpose of life and most importantly making me Manishaa.N.Batraa- Your Tarot Guide

Price (Per Person)


(Inclusive of Manual & Tea)

Venue & Dates:

B-603, Amrapali Platinum Sector 119, Noida

13th, 14th sept | 10:00AM to 5:30PM

25th, 26th sept | 10:00AM to 5:30PM

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