• Overview

    Refurbish your knowledge and your hidden talent and experience a vastu workshop, where you become the master of your own craft and Vastu techniques that directly allows you to outshine in every aspect of your life.

    In this 2 days workshop you will learn:

    • Meditation
    • What is vastu?
    • Vedic Vastu
    • Importance of Vastu in this era
    • How to take directions
    • Selection of site
    • What are zones?
    • What are 5 elements?
    • What is entrance?
    • Planning as per Vastu
    • Problems and Vastu
    • Vastu and Remedies

    • Vastu is a magister technique to construct your house to get maximum benefits from Nature, Environment and Workplace / Office.
    • Vastu helps you learn the optimum utilisation of space which allows the maximum flow of positive spirits within the structure.
    • You get to know the secrets of Vastu.
    • A person who dwells in Vastu, doesn’t see failures.
    • You’ll be able to break your myths and unwanted beliefs holding you back.
    • You’ll learn the art of good structuring.
    • Vastu enhances your inner realisation and clarity about the future, because in order to clear the inner space. you need to clear the outer space.

Aaryan Arora

Aaryan Arora, a certified MahaVastu Acharya is an expert in MahaVastu, trained from world's No.1 vastu training programs.He is specialist in residence and commercial vastu and has done more than 500 cases in all over India and have more than 98% successful case studies.

Price (Per Person)


(Inclusive of Manual, Certificate, Lunch & Tea)

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31st August - 1st September | 10:00AM to 5:30PM

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