Switchwords are one word mantra or affirmation . It works on the subconscious mind which observes similar experiences, conditions, responses associated with any word or action .These actions or words become SWITCHES attracting specific experiences or actions e.g. the moment you think of the word " Count", the subconscious mind associates it with money. So as you chant 'Count ' a number of times you can work on your financial condition to become better.

James Magan discovered a practical method of uniting the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and called it the Switchwords.

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  • Helps you to conquer fears.
  • Frees you from bad habits.
  • Helps to achieve good health and freedom from pain.
  • Gain money and prosperity.
  • Set goals and achieve them.
  • Begin to know yourself better.
  • Release your hidden abilities.
  • Keep yourself young forever.
  • Be a permanently happy person.


How we use different Switchwords to

  • Overcome fear of people
  • Fear of yourself
  • Fear of Time
  • Fear of Fear

SWITCHWORDS AND its association with EXAMS

  • DIFFERENT KINDS OF SWITCHWORDS and how to use them
  • How and why do Switchwords work.

The process of finding new Switchwords by using Vowels and Consonants.

  • What are Master Switchwords..how to use them.
  • What are Energy Circles,

Why use Energy Circles rather than just writing Switchwords.

  • The signifance of colours in drawing the Energy Circles
  • How to keep Energy Circles active.
  • How to draw Energy Circles, #how to use them , how to write switchwords in them ,


How to join switchwords into a sentence and use them according to situations.

  • When and how to chant Switchwords
  • How to Use Switchwords, and Energy Circles to Overcome health issues, financial problems and relationship issues.
  • How to deactivate Energy Circles .
  • What are Radionic Amplifier Energy Circles .
  • What are Divine Healing Codes and how to use them.
  • The significance of GG Codes or the Gary Grabovoi codes and the importanceof numbers..
  • How we use them for different diseases , psychological concerns, for self help, spiritual concern
  • Switchwords and Chakras.
  • Switchwords and Angels.
  • What are Defusing Words ..it's effects and uses.
  • Antidote to stress..exercise and meditation

Aalkkah Rajvansh

Life has been a very beautiful journey for me. Starting as a lecturer in Delhi University to an artist to a spiritual healer. I was selling my artistic works professionally but always found that something was amiss. I did Reiki in 1998 and then got into reading the scriptures of the Sikh religion for a good 12 years as the religion held its attraction for me with its amalgam of the beautiful writings of Kabir, Sheikh Farid and Ofcourse the 10 Gurus.

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