Priya Kaul

The unexpected death of her father in 2011 changed the course of her life. It made her question the frailty of life and of life after life, the soul that passes on to higher realms! Her mom couldn’t come to terms with her husband’s death. Priya started googling desperately to know about people who could connect with departed souls. She read about a retired Indian Army officer and a spiritual healer and she requested him for help.

Today, her mission in life is to educate one person from each family in spiritual healing. Priya excels in Numerology, Tarot Reading, Spell, Hypnosis, Channelling, Reiki Grandmaster, Clairvoyance and Crystal Healing as also NLP, past life regression, Akashik record reading (a record of information about each soul that has taken birth on the earth, stored in the form of energy) and connecting to angles — Angelic healing is closest to her heart.

Priya, through the spiritual healer, met her dad’s soul. It told her to counsel her mom against crying and wailing for him else she too would be taken away.Priya passed on the message to her mom but she somehow couldn’t stop her mother for crying over her loss. She soon fell sick and passed away. It left Priyaastounded, shocked, mystified, and also put her on the spiritual path. She then learnt Reiki and Hypnosis. As her interest grew, she learnt Feng Shui, Vastu, Numerology and Tarot Reading.

In 2015, she decided to share her knowledge, not only through teaching but healing others passing through difficult times in life. As she delved deeper into spirituality, her interest widened and she learnt more streams of learning.


  • Awardee at Karmic Awards 2018
  • Best Healer of the Year Award by Magicka 2018
  • Iconic Woman Diva Award by 89th All India Achievers Conference Excellence Awards 2018
  • Arch of Excellence Award by 88th All India Achievers Conference Excellence Awards 2018
  • Speaker at National Summit on Holistic Sciences and Wellness 2018
  • Achievers Award by Gyan Kalash 2018

  • MTHS Practitioner and is qualified to teach all three levels of the Merlin Trinity Healing System
  • Certified Advanced Numerology Expert
  • Master Practitioner cum Coach in NLP Subconscious Reimprinting
  • Grandmaster Reiki
  • Proficient and Certified Hypnotherapist

Our Courses

Every spiritual lesson we meet in our lives can be found in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. And when we consult the Tarot, we’ll get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life.

Angel Therapy is a type of Alternative therapy, which includes a non-denominational spiritual method of healing and involves communicating and working with the guardian angels and archangels to heal various health problems including physical, mental and spiritual health.

A medium is able to communicate with those in spirit, forming a connection with a passed over soul, or another form of spiritual intelligence. They thereby act as a ‘medium’ between spirit and their client, transmitting valuable information.

Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas.

PLR is a wonderful healing process as it works deeper on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. PLR provides us the resolution of anxiety attacks, chronic pain, depression, fears that quite do not make sense.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "lying on hands".

Personal & Group Session

  • Body Analysis through Ayurveda device called Veda Pulse
  • Body Analysis through Aculife device
  • Diet and Nutrition Consultation
  • Meditation Class
  • Vastu Sessions: Personal, Home & Office
  • Past Life Regression Sessions
  • Tarot Reading Sessions
  • Numerology Sessions
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Counselling / Consultation

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