Ever since the day I held my first Tarot deck as a teenager, it has been a constant Spiritual companion. It has supported me in living my dreams and purpose of life and most importantly making me Manishaa.N.Batraa- Your Tarot Guide

A name with a value, a name with purpose.

That was the time when positive things started attracting me and my career, making it purposeful and worth living and feel cherishing about.

So let me introduce myself on a journey towards betterment and happiness

Myself Manishaa.N.Batraa, a 37 Year young in this beautiful world with a Post Graduation Degree in Bio-Sciences.

Experienced TAROT my Life Tool during my teens and got an angelic entry in the profession world around 15 Years back with a boom!!!

As I was born with certain gifts which were difficult to understand in the initial growing up years.I could feel the energies around people I met and always realized that there was so much more to life; beyond what the eyes could see and the mind could comprehend.

I learned Human psychology, behavior analysis and various aspects of the VEDAS, Forms of healing, Angel World and the science behind, color therapies, Herbal Remedies, Candle magic, Chants and the list goes on. I mastered several forms of Astrology , Numerology, Tarot, Reiki, Angel Healing, Color Healing.

My journey has been blessed one so far with an increasing number of people and friends, their families and so on…

Our Courses

The Tarot Has been used over the centuries to predict the future and to discover the hidden truths and numrology is the science of number used to determine the trend of your life and Predict your future. This course gives you combined and extremely accurate result with both tarot and numerology charts

Duration :- 10 Days

Timing :- 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Medium :– Hindi – English.

Numerology indicates the sign Poet of your life. It helps in understanding yourself and there by making the best use of the opportunity you encounter

It is a tool for those who want to gain insight knowledge to get the best out of your life, Join this course to be a certified professional numerologist

Course content

  • Characteristic of all number
  • Characteristics of all alphabet
  • Your birth date and your Fortuner
  • Role of fate number in your life
  • Role of destiny number ou
  • Various Numerological Chart
  • Create your own personal Calendar , with Personal Year, Personal Month , Personal Day for that minutely accurate study
  • How your name affects fortune,
  • Know your Karmic Compound no
  • Your Expression number
  • Your Plane of Expression
  • Your intensifican number
  • Your name cycle and event number
  • Knowing your Health Indication using- your name and your fate number
  • The important year of your life
  • What is the good day
  • Lucky numbers
  • Compatibility charts for relationship
  • Your date of birth and your relationship
  • Is your city favourable to you
  • Choosing your house number
  • Tracing Lost objects via numbers
  • Numerology Yantras

Personal & Group Session

  • Body Analysis through Ayurveda device called Veda Pulse
  • Body Analysis through Aculife device
  • Diet and Nutrition Consultation
  • Meditation Class
  • Vastu Sessions: Personal, Home & Office
  • Past Life Regression Sessions
  • Tarot Reading Sessions
  • Numerology Sessions
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Counselling / Consultation

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