Aalkkah Rajvansh

Life has been a very beautiful journey for me. Starting as a lecturer in Delhi University to an artist to a spiritual healer. I was selling my artistic works professionally but always found that something was amiss. I did Reiki in 1998 and then got into reading the scriptures of the Sikh religion for a good 12 years as the religion held its attraction for me with its amalgam of the beautiful writings of Kabir, Sheikh Farid and Ofcourse the 10 Gurus. For me it wasn't the religion but the teachings from the both the Hindu and the Muslim religions which became a fascination.

Embarked on the journey of healing 5 years back when I joined the Ananda Sangha (of Yogananda Ji) and learnt the art of meditation and it was here that I understood what quenching of thirst meant. I became a Kriyaban . I began to get my answers when I started connecting with the power called God or Universe or Light... through meditation. The stillness and the silence and the breathwork became my teachers. I was at peace now. My inward journey had found the path I was looking for. Nothing mattered; there was total acceptance as I was in the flow.

Gradually I moved from Reiki to Pranic healing and Theta healing, followed by Shamanism. The spiritual shopping and learnings were interesting and wonderful as I saw that every road lead only to the power. I met some wonderful teachers, and friends .

To talk of my spiritual skills I can say that I'm a Numerologist, Past Life Therapist, inner Child coach and Therapist, a Womb healer- a place where all are Karmas lie hidden, Five Elements Therapy through mantras and yantras. I teach Switchwords and I'm reader and teacher of Akashic Records. I do Tarot and Crystal ball gazing, Access Bars, Chakra healing, Bach Flower Therapy. The emotions play a huge role in our well being and if our emotions are balanced, there is no chance for illnesses taking over us.

I'm also a Vastu consultant and my belief in is because like our body and the Universe the house too needs the elements balance without which the health and the emotional well being, monetary condition, marriage , kids concentration cannot be good.

As a life coach and spiritual healer I treat people with physical ailments and emotional problems. I'm a firm believer of a good diet and that the ' issues lie in our tissues '. I'm also an Ayurvedic practioner who believes that the three constitution types or ' doshas are vital to your life and living. I work on a client 's diet and his emotional and physical health too. I work on the breath work also as that's the centre of your well being. Paying intention to your intention leads to awareness and that is the pivot of my life. For me living in full awareness is the first and the last step to spirituality.

Our Courses

These are energetic records which are made for all souls about their past, present and likely future lives. Each soul has its own Akashic Records like a book series presenting each lifetime.

It also helps one in figuring out the reasons behind monetary, relationships, health and other such issues.

Past Life Regression is an amazing healing process as it works deeper on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. It provides us the solution of chronic pain, anxiety attacks, depression, fears which we fail to understand otherwise. The purpose of this course is to make life easier, better and satisfying.

In this modality, the healings include major illnesses, emotional trauma, relationship issues, depression, health issues like weight loss, diabetes, cancer.

Numerology includes the study of numbers. It includes suggesting name suggestion for the newborns, marriage compatibility, lucky number etc.

You will get a complete review of your life-to-be. A number denotes each planet as well. i.e the Sun by No.1, the Moon by No.2, Jupiter by No.3, Uranus by No.4, Mercury by No.5, Venus by No.6, Neptune by No.7, Saturn by No.8 and Mars by No.9. Uranus (4), Saturn (8) and Mars (9) are most unsettling planets to business and brands, changing or adding letters in your name.

Vastu is an inspirational elucidation of your surroundings and its effect on your life. Vastu, in general stands for house; or dwelling Place and its principles establish to create a harmony between the fine elements viz. Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the environment.

Vastu helps us in making our lives better and in saving us from things going wrong.

Pranic healing is a powerful recipe to the soul and physical body. This no-touch system of healing has many foundational techniques that can be learned by every being by following simple instruction and surrendering to the cosmos. Pranic healing resorts to ‘life force’, ‘energy’ and Prana to accelerate the body’s inborn ability. It employs the body’s own ability to heal itself.

The power has been used by many yogis and Hindu scholars and practiced by hundreds of thousands of years across the world. The Pranic healing includes complete polishing and spiritual & physical enhancement of the body. It balances the physical and psychological conditions as well which include headaches, flu, back pain, ulcers, asthma, mental illness, migraine, cancer, and much more.

Personal & Group Session

  • Body Analysis through Ayurveda device called Veda Pulse
  • Body Analysis through Aculife device
  • Diet and Nutrition Consultation
  • Meditation Class
  • Vastu Sessions: Personal, Home & Office
  • Past Life Regression Sessions
  • Tarot Reading Sessions
  • Numerology Sessions
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Counselling / Consultation

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