About Us

  • “Spiritual awareness is not only one of the keys to the healing process. Spiritual awareness is the only way that healing can occur”

    We specialize in assisting people develop spiritually by embracing consciousness shifts. At Nirvana Trails, we provide unique opportunities for experiencing the joy of self-celebration, exploring the hidden layers of you by taking them to India’s most transformative holy places. We facilitate spiritual growth and personal transformation through wisdom teachings, and practices like Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork etc.

    Whether it’s performing Ho'oponopono in Rishikesh or activating Solar Plexus Chakra or Meditation in Haridwar, the spiritual journey in India is unparalleled. With carefully designed itineraries and our skilled tour leaders, you can be assured of a spiritual travel experience which will be both enjoyable and transformative.

    Why Nirvana Trail

    At Nirvana Trail, we pledge to bring wonderful spiritual experience. We ensure that our team meets your requirements.

    • Travel with like-minded people and form enduring friendships
    • Escape from daily-life stress, revive the body, mind, and spirit
    • Enjoy discussions, observation
    • Develop compassion for yourself and others
    • Enjoy an itinerary that is extensively researched and infused with personal contacts and resources
    • Discover the Power of Human and Universal Energies